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FINALLY! A Guide That Actually Breaks Down All The Steps You Need To Become A World-Class Digital Coach

If you are looking for a way to make some extra income, teaching others how to do something that you know very well might be the answer. This is a guide on how to teach people skills that you already own. Best thing is that this is totally free!

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This Guide Explains All You Need On

What does it take to thrive and survive in this new digital age? People are looking online for help, and digital coaches can fill this gap. You can gain satisfaction knowing that these experiences serve another purpose.

The Growth Of Digital Coaches & The Power They Possess… 

If you are serious about building something long term and sustainable, you have to go deep and develop something which is solid, unique, and which can really solve a BIG problem in the marketplace. Only then can you truly create an impact in the world!

Every Aspect Of Digital Coach Covered In Easy To Follow Steps

Here is the ultimate guide to become a Digital Coach. We’ll dive into each of the 16 steps, talk about what it takes to be a digital coach and how you will learn digital coaching to plan your path. As we see our world change, so do the skills required to remain competitive in the marketplace.

How technology and social media have helped.

Whatever your core skill is, you can monetize your expertise by charging people for help in that field.

Benefits of online services

Online coaching can be done from anywhere you wish. All you need is a quiet place, a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and internet access.

Why explore an online coaching model?

More and more coaches are shifting towards an online model because it significantly expands your target market.

Who needs digital coaching?

As a digital coach you have a massive space to use digital tools and make a difference.

Who can benefit from digital coaching?

Entrepreneurs need guidance to run their businesses. A lot of new upcoming entrepreneurs have digital knowledge but need guidance to excel.

Why you should start digital coaching

We can succeed if we want to succeed. And once we succeed at something, there's no stopping us! (We’ll show you everything we know about creating courses)

Your vision and your mission

Don’t just be a product seller, be a problem solver. Crafting a mission statement is the most powerful ingredient in the whole niche crafting process.

Essentials for working online

It’s important to keep in mind the requirements that are absolutely essential, to make a career out of digital coaching.

Do you have what it takes to be a digital coach?

As a coach, you have to build the digital marketing skills of your clients. Go all in. Live your dream!

Why do we need coaches and mentors?

Sharing concepts that never expire or get outdated is the greatest duty of a mentor. You can show the way to clients to earn an income while enjoying more time with loved ones.

How to build your coaching course?

Learn the five ways to get more commitment into your coaching practice. Your coaching should solve a problem.

The key elements of building an online coaching business.

While you are growing your business you need to streamline the process.

The mindset of a great coach.

The first thing that you will need in order to become a coach is what you know. Are you ready to find out what it takes to become a coach?

How you will learn digital coaching.

A world-class coach will teach you how to plan, launch, and grow a digital coaching business. 

What you will learn in this program

There are 10 steps to set up your digital systems. We will go through each one of them, along with the most essential tools.

How to plan your path.

Learning how to become a digital coach should be approached systematically. Know how to scale up your business to unimaginable heights.

We've Helped So Many People Who Were Stuck

Creating the next breed of digital leaders for the new world. Join The #1 Fastest Growing Community For Coaches, Teachers & Experts

Sushma Sadalage

" Wonderful step by step approach to building your online course, handholding in every step. You just have to have a niche idea and Sid will guide you like a North Star!
Must buy course if you are still thinking of buying, just go for it.
Great work Sid and bless you. "

Hemant Gajbhiye

" Freedom Hackathon Version 3.0 is really amazing experience so far since it was started on 6th July 2021. Sidz you have done the 100% justice to this paid version of Hackathon.
People who are quitting from this particular Hackathon are not going to win the race. So guys don't quit on anything in life. Think why you have started this beautiful journey before quitting.

Thank you so much Sidz for giving us the valuable teachings and lucrative opportunities to learn digital coaching.

#digitalleadershipmastermind  "

Sampada Yennuwar

I cannot start to emphasize the power of this community. Before getting introduced to the freedom business model, I felt really stuck and alone on my journey of entrepreneurship and I was genuinely longing for like minded and action driven people around me, and Siddharth has done a greater job at building his tribe. Hackathon just makes everything better and strategic towards getting results. So thankful for this.   "

This Guide Includes Everything You Need To Grow!

Learn the formula that’s helping 7000+ people launch their Digital Coaching Business. When a new breed of digital coaches, mentors and teachers emerge, the only logical outcome will be a reformed society of learners. 

325 Billion Industry

The e-Learning industry is poised to become a $325 billion industry by 2025. The only question is “do you want a small piece of that $325 billion pie?”.

12000 Members

With so many experts coming together in one place, this is your home.

30+ Courses

Practical, crisp and clear knowledge to help accelerate your growth. Learn concepts which will enhance your power to teach digitally.

The vision of this community is to build the world’s largest society of Digital Leaders.

Become A World-Class Digital Coach And Grow Your Business Today!

“I got started on this journey in 2018 knowing that “digital coaching” had huge potential, and I also had my unique story and formula to solve that problem. This was clearly aligned with my values and mission in life. That’s why I started to grow fast.”

To Your Success

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6 Steps To Become A Global Influencer Like GaryVee

Do you want to become the next GaryVee? I have finally decoded the secrets to become a global influencer.

After studying guys like GaryVee, Grant Cardone, Jay Shetty, Robin Sharma, Robert Kiyosaki and more… this is it. Tune in.

Following are the 6 steps:

Step 1 – Narrow down on your topic (niche). Make it your mission to serve your audience.

Step 2 – Create a digital product or course where you can provide “structured learning” to your audience. 

Step 3 – Write a book to re-establish your authority. Make it hit the best-sellers list thru strategic alliances & marketing.

Step 4 – Use the book to get you more speaking engagements in corporations to increase your brand value.

Step 5 – Go FULL ON on video, image & podcast creation. Upload 1-5 pieces of content per day on social media and be consistent on it.

Step 6 – Charge big bucks on high-ticket consulting & high-ticket speaking engagements. The more you add value, the more you will be noticed.  This will help you grow your followers fast and make more money!


That’s it.

Did you know that GaryVee now charges $300,000 for a speaking gig?

That’s how an influencer is valuable.

Once you grow your followers fast, then you will also attract customers fast.

Then when people start buying your courses & books and more… you can create multiple flows of revenue.

That’s how most of today’s influencers have grown within a span of 2-5 years.

The best part is… it’s now a proven model.

All you need to do is take up this model seriously and make it work for you.

One of the reasons I’m doing these podcasts is for the same reason.

If I’m consistent on rolling out quality content to serve my audience, then there is a high chance that I will be able to increase my brand value.

So get on this journey to become a global influencer.

I believe you can do this.

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